‘LIC Andheri’: Man Says Mumbai Metro Stations Named After Brands Is Peak Capitalism

If you have spent a considerable amount of time in Mumbai, you would know how dependent Mumbaikars are on the Mumbai local trains. It’s also one of the sought-after means of transport used by celebs to avoid traffic jams on roads.

To make traveling even more convenient, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) introduced Mumbai Metro around eight years ago. And while this rapid transit in air-conditioned cabins helps people travel hassle-free, there’s also something unique about the names of the metro stations where the train halts.

Like many of us, Twitter user Shlok noticed that each metro station was named after a popular brand. The brand names were used as prefixes for the metro stations.

For instance, there’s ‘LIC Andheri’, ‘Medimix Azad Nagar’, ‘Techno Marol Naka’, and ‘Bisleri Western Express Highway’, among others.

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Opining that it’s ‘peak capitalism’, Shlok tweeted:

Apparently, the jingles of the brands are also played inside the metro when the station arrives.

Shlok thinks that this marketing strategy is GOLD!

After he shared his opinions about it, people came to share their two cents on the matter. Some said that it was a brilliant idea to use advertisers’ money to keep local transport affordable for the general public.

Interestingly, many places like Delhi, Jaipur, and Dubai have also been following this practice.

What do you think? Is it a marketing masterstroke or unethical to allow companies to advertise their brands on tax-funded projects? Let us know.

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