Mumbai Shocker: Eatery Owner Throws Boiling Hot Oil On Customer For Complaining About Food!

Crime and its heinous stories have become the order of the day. I’m sorry if you think I’m blunt but the day’s papers do not leave me in any mood for pleasantries. Be it nasty brawls or even nastier aftermaths, there is no bulletin that is devoid of these ‘news’ and its kinds.

Unfortunately, there is another addition to the already existing list of debaucheries and it is one I never thought I’d say. One that just goes to cement that we, as a society are becoming more and more blood-thirsty!

According to Mid-day, a road-side Chinese eatery owner in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai flung hot oil at a 29-year-old man following a heated argument over the taste and price of the food. 

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Reportedly, the incident took place at Manoj Koliwada Chinese corner located in Venus Chowk of Ulhasnagar which usually draws a lot of crowd as people are allowed to drink alcohol there.

The victim, identified as Deepak Mhaske, has suffered major burns and injuries after a call from his brother, Vicky who had initially gone to the eatery for dinner with his friends. 

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In fact, he is not the only one bearing the brunt of the brawl. An investigating officer from the Vitthalwadi police station said,

“One of Deepak’s friends, Vijay Pagare, also suffered burn injuries on his stomach. Both of them were immediately rushed to the Central Hospital in Ulhasnagar, where they are currently undergoing treatment.”

A case has been registered against the eatery owner and the staff under sections 323, 324, 504 and 34 of IPC.

Here’s the video, if you have the heart to watch it. 

Do you need more proof of the diabolic world we live in? Or have I rained on your hopes enough? While nothing will give me more joy than to be proven wrong, it’s scary out there.