Mumbai Man Killed By A Group Of Teens Because He Took Time To Pay The Cab Fare

Whatever you may say, crime in the country is on a rise. Rapes, murders and killings have somehow become an everyday phenomena. Our newspapers are plastered by gory tales of these heinous crimes day in and day out.

In another case of murder, a 36-year-old man in Mumbai died after allegedly being assaulted by four people including three minors. The fight started over a taxi in Chembur because the victim, Surendra Singh was taking time to pay.

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According to NDTV, 18-year-old Krishna Boyanna and three of his friends who are minors wanted to take the taxi in which Mr. Singh and two others were travelling. They were about to get down but were taking some time to pay the fare.

The accused started getting annoyed by them taking time and it led to a spat. Officials said that the accused allegedly hit the man with paver blocks.

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Singh suffered from serious injuries due to the physical fight and was rushed to the hospital. There he was declared dead by the doctors.

A case of murder has been registered under the Chembur police station against the four accused. Boyanna has been arrested and put in police custody and the three minors have been sent to a children’s home.

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It’s so sad that we as humans seem to have lost our patience with our fellow beings. Why are we so quick to rush into fights and taking matters into our own hands. If these group of teens could have just waited, the man would still be alive.

Sometimes I am forced to wonder- where are we headed? Our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Singh, we are very sorry for your loss.