Anand Mahindra’s Tweet Claims Mumbai Is One Of World’s Most Honest Cities, Desis React

Social media can be an interesting source of entertainment as well as offbeat information. Recently, industrialist Anand Mahindra tweeted one such report of a survey originally posted by Norwegian diplomat Erik Solheim. The survey was undertaken by Reader’s Digest and they purposefully ‘lost’ 192 wallets with cash and identification cards in 16 cities to gauge which would be honestly returned.

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The report that originally aired in 2013 states that Mumbai in India and Helsinki in Finland are the two most honest cities in the world. Thrilled that Mumbai ranked high on the list, Mahindra tweeted of his joy.

Some desis online reacted to the news by sharing their own experiences with Mumbaikars.

Some spoke of what the situation is like in other cities such as Pune, Bihar, Kerala and Bengaluru-

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On the other hand, there were those who opined that the survey wasn’t thorough enough to ascertain honesty.

What do you think of this survey? Tell us.

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