Mumbai Guy Shares Screenshot Of Uber’s Expensive Rides, Says ‘Goa Flight Is Cheaper’

In cases of major inconveniences, we see that many transportation services hike up their price. Especially when it’s monsoon season in Mumbai. The cost of cab rides goes through the roof.

For example, a guy named Shravankumar Suvarna took to Twitter to share a screenshot of how Uber was charging him over Rs 3000 for a ride home in Mumbai. He wrote how a flight to Goa would be cheaper than going back home via a cab!

Have a look at his tweet here:

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Several others on Twitter thought this was bizarre too. Some even called it “criminal”.

I strongly believe that during moments of a crisis, large companies such as Uber should reduce their prices to make their services more accessible to people who need them and help them reach home safe. Don’t you think?

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