Mumbai Guy Was So Excited To Get His iPhone X, He Rode To The Store On A Horse With A Band!

If you ever want to see true loyalty in action, just observe a bunch of iPhone users during an Apple event.

The minute Tim Cook announces a new iPhone, these loyal users pledge to buy it, no questions asked. It doesn’t matter if it costs them an arm and a leg. Or that they’ll be giving up several Goa plans with friends to pay for his pretty excuse for a cell phone.

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But there’s one guy who has surpassed loyalty for iPhones and walked ridden straight into fanaticism.

Yesterday evening, Mahesh Pallival went to fetch his iPhone X, which finally went on sale in India, on a—get this—HORSE!

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Mahesh, or rather Mac (not the Apple computer, that’s his nick name), rode on a horse to Thane’s Hariniwas circle at around 6.30 pm to collect his spanking new iPhone X, which costs somewhere in the vicinity of 89,000 to 1 lakh.

The horse was merely one half of the shenanigans! There was a band too!

No kidding, folks! Mac took the ‘jumping on the iPhone bandwagon’ a little too seriously, I guess!

In true baaraati style, there was procession of bandwallahs that ushered our bridegroom Mac to the store, where he received the phone (his dulhan?) at the hands of owner Ashish Thakker, according to India Today.

My personal favourite part about this whole thing are those banners that proclaim Mahesh’s declaration of love for the iPhone X!

You can watch the procession in the video here:

Now, I get excitement, and I get the pure joy of owning a new phone, but this? Wow!

Call me miserly, but if I’m spending 90,000 on a phone, plus a couple of spare change on accessories, I’d be cutting down on other expenses, not hiring a horse and band of musicians to add to them!

But to each his own, I suppose! Though I wonder, if a new phone could inspire all this extravaganza, what would a wedding be like?

We hope Mac and his new iPhone X have a blissful and happy life together. At least, till Tim Cook announces a new one!

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