31-YO Mumbai Guy Asks If He Should Marry 21-YO Girl Who Said ‘I Love You’ 10 Days After Talking

In India, arranged marriages are mostly quick affairs. After finding each other through matrimonial sites or relatives and saying ‘yes’ to the rishta, it doesn’t take long to tie the knot from there. It also seems like the bride and groom profess their love to each other quickly.

However, one guy turned to Reddit’s r/Mumbai subreddit for advice after things were moving a bit quickly for him. He is 31 years old who found a 21-year-old woman via a matrimonial site. They got to talking and found that they have a few common interests. They spoke day and night and just within 10 days, the girl said she loved him.

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However, she came from a family whose financial status is beneath him. The guy had no problem with that but his parents weren’t happy upon learning about it. But the guy said that he is willing to be her “mentor” and “guide” and help her in becoming independent.

“She clearly mentioned that she comes from a lower economical background and I said I don’t have any problem with that. I somehow convinced my parents to visit, and after the visit they don’t seem to be happy. They are worried about poor financial background and lack of exposure the girl has for outside world. I am willing to guide her and be her mentor, support her in getting further education and want her to become independent.”

He added that the girl, on the other hand, is “desperate” to get married. He feels that she is his type as he wants to marry someone who is conservative – a quality that is “impossible” to find in an older woman.

“I know the age gap is huge, but I wanted a girl who shares conservative values, and that’s impossible to find if I go for someone older. Also the girl is extremely desperate to get married, and from my understanding it’s because of the hardships she goes through because of her financial status and I am her best bet.”

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Read his entire post here:

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A guy who wants a girl who is much younger whom he can mould his own way and a girl desperate to get married – people online smelled something really fishy. They claimed that the guy didn’t want a marriage; he wanted an adoption! ūüėõ

Here’s how some of them reacted:

Upon reading the many reactions from people online, the guy said that he decided not to marry her.

Not sure if the guy wants a partner or a project!

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