Male Stray Dog Brutally Raped By Four Men In Mumbai, And You Thought Monsters Weren’t Real

Children believe monsters are real, and are often mocked to ‘grow up’. But look around us, at what’s happening in the world, and you’ll realise… monsters are indeed real. We, humans, are the monsters. And our unspeakable crimes are not restricted to just our kind. We brutalise mute and defenseless animals too.

In a shocking incident, four men in an inebriated stated gangraped a male stray dog in an area near Mumbai’s Malwani Church.

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The dog was a regular sight in the area, but went missing for a day. A local resident who used to feed the dogs often, Sudha Fernandes, and her husband found the dog on Saturday afternoon, bleeding profusely.

Deccan Chronicle quoted her saying,

“My husband, after seeing the dog, informed me about its condition and told me that it needs food. When I first went to the dog and tried to touch his leg, it responded in fear and tried to move away. I kept the food in front of the dog, after which it ate it properly. It is then when I saw that its penis was badly injured and it was bleeding a lot. Even when the dog was trying to change its position while lying down, it was in great pain.”

An autorickshaw driver eventually informed Fernandes that around 2 am on Saturday, four men possibly in a drug induced state, brutalised the dog.

“He told me that the dog needed to be immediately admitted. The dog’s front legs were tied and its mouth gagged while it was sexually tortured. Its loud screams alerted the driver, but the accused fled from the spot.”

The lady has now decided to file a police complaint.

Currently, an animal welfare NGO called ‘Animals Matter To Me’ has taken the dog to a vet and is getting him treated.

The founder of the NGO told Deccan Chronicle,

“The dog is in severe trauma. Whenever someone would come near or try to touch it, it would get scared or scream. Its private parts are mutilated in such a way that it could not happen unless someone forcibly harmed it. It appears that someone tried to fold its hind legs near the pelvis. Presently, we are trying to stabilise the dog. It is under medication for the pain. We are trying to reduce the infection as it was bleeding for an entire day.”


Psychological studies have shown that individuals who mistreat or brutalise animals can often exhibit psychopathic tendencies and commit far more heinous crimes in the future, including rape and homicide. Here’s hoping the monsters who tortured and brutalised the animal are caught and severely punished.