This Mumbai Doctor Provides Free Meals To 500 Old, Abandoned People Daily. Respect!

At a time and age when finding humanity in the world has become more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack, a doctor in Mumbai is dedicating his life and savings towards taking care of old people who have been abandoned by their own families.

Meet Dr Uday Modi, a resident of Bhayandar, who feeds 500 helpless senior citizens daily since the last 10 years, without charging a single penny from them. Speaking of how he got the noble idea, Dr Modi says,

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“One of my patients was an old fellow, he must have been around 78. He showed up at my door, all helpless. He wife was chronically ill and couldn’t do anything on her own. This couple was old, poor without even 10 rupees to buy a ‘vada pao’. He said he needed food, it moved me and that is when I decided that I want to feed the needy elderly for nothing in return.”


Mr Modi hails from Amreli, Gujarat and moved to Mumbai to practice alternative medicine. He also works as an artist in movies and TV shows.


Named after ‘Shravan Kumar’, an obedient son from the Hindu mythology, Dr Modi started the ‘Shravan Tiffin Service’ from his home with the help of his wife, Kalpana. Today, two cooks prepare 200 tiffins every day, with meals prepared for diabetics in a separate kitchen.

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“My chest swells with pride when my kids come back and give me tiny bits of their savings to be put in for the ‘seva’. Lots of people come forward and support, I am sure it will go on, and with the grace of god, we will be able to reach out to more and more helpless elderly.”


The tiffin usually consists of a staple meal of 6 ‘chappatis’ and a curry along with ‘dal’ and rice. On Sundays, they also send desserts and ‘farsan’ (Gujarati snack). Dr Modi spends around ₹3 lakhs every month for the noble cause.

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But for Dr Modi, this is still not enough. His long-term plan is to take complete care of more and more senior citizens.

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“I want to build a ‘Dikra nu ghar’ for these old people – a home, like their own son’s place where everything is taken care of, not only food, but everything else.”

The world needs more people like you, Dr Modi.

News Source: Smart Cooky