Mumbai Doctor Duped Of ₹ 72,000 After Thieves Threatened To Perform Black Magic On Her

The concept of religion is pretty predominant in India. There are hundreds of Gods, Goddesses and temples that are spread across the nation. Now, the truth behind all of it usually varies from person to person and their ability to believe in fiction.

However, we expect people of science to be atheists because their job is governed by facts and whatever’s tangible. Surprisingly enough, that’s not the case as a doctor from Mumbai fell prey to a duo of “black magic” practitioners.

According to the Indian Express, a doctor from Kandivali was allegedly duped by two men after she was approached by them at her clinic. An officer with the Samta Nagar police said,

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“The men asked the doctor for money to feed the poor at the langar at the Golden Temple. The doctor initially gave them ₹ 2000.”

The 51-year-old doctor further added that she had first met these two elderly men on May 9th at her Thakur Complex.

However, the men weren’t satisfied with what they were given. So, they claimed that they had cursed the doctor and her family via black magic. The men used that as leverage and extracted a large sum of money.

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“The men told the doctor that she would have to pay ₹ 70,000 to perform religious rituals to cast off the spell.”

Convinced that these men were telling the truth, the doctor didn’t waste any time and gave them the money they were asking in cash. And what did she get in return? A plastic idol and a necklace. However, that didn’t convince her that she was duped. It was only after one of her employees saw the men escaping in a Toyota Innova that she realised that she had been cheated.

It’s quite alright to believe in anything you want to believe in because of one’s freedom of expression. However, since she’s a doctor, it’s expected of her to use her better judgement to stay away from thugs.