Woman Says She’ll Never Understand Why Bombay Is Romanticized, Mumbaikars Defend City

Mumbai is regarded as the city of dreams. The city that never sleeps and is always running no matter what. The gushing sound of the water hitting the rocks at Marine Drive, the sudden drizzle during winters, and watching the sunset from Bandra-Worli sea link helps many forget their worries. Some even claim that Mumbai is one of the world’s most honest cities.

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However, there are also those who think Mumbai is overrated and not worth romanticizing.

Taking to Twitter, a user ‘@dhobiwankenobhi’ shared her unpopular opinion and tweeted that having stayed in Mumbai for a considerable amount of time, she will never understand the romanticization of Bombay.

She also said:

And it just took a couple of tweets to turn Twitter into a war zone. Those who agreed with her had this to say:

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However, there were scores of people who defended Mumbai’s glory and reasoned why they would always be in love with the city.

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Are you team Mumbai? Do you have a memory associated with the city?

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