Whatsapp Invites And Reused Decor Items, Mumbai Couple Gets Married In Eco-Friendly Wedding

The first image that comes to mind at the thought of a wedding is one of a decked up venue, more guests than you can count, a wide spread of food, a bride practically dipped in gold and a dapper groom in a handsome outfit. It has been that way for ages. However many people these days, want to break out of these unnecessary shenanigans and prefer a simpler affair. The opposition there is almost always the parents with the classic dialogue: “Log kya kahenge“. Because, of course, how grand you conduct your daughter’s wedding is directly in proportion to how much you love her, (excuse the sarcasm).

One couple from Mumbai though paid no heed to the ‘log‘ and celebrated their wedding in the most minimalist and eco-friendly way.

Meet Deepa Kamath and Prashin Jagger, who got married on the 21st of this month with the most #Down2EarthWedding ever.

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The duo tied the knot with only family members and a few friends in attendance. Attempting to leave a lesser impact on the environment, they made the use of all recycled products for their wedding.

Swapping out an air-conditioned venue for an open-air one, WhatsApp invites instead of paper ones, reusable cutlery etc are some of the elements of their big day that made it environment-friendly.

Speaking to Indian Express, Prashin says:

“There is a lot of misunderstanding about what exactly is eco-friendly. Vendors argued that using tissue papers was justifiable as it is bio-degradable, not understanding that to make them thousands of trees are cut and it’s made from fresh pulp.”

Some of their friends helped them put up handmade posters using old papers and things lying around in their homes.

Even the main welcome board seen here was made from a cupboard box of an LED TV purchased by a friend.

Getting the vendors on board was the biggest challenge for the couple. They say:

Convincing the vendors was hardest. Asking the caterers to ditch plastic cups and glasses or convincing the decorator to reuse old decorating items was not an easy task. It took us many meeting to convince them about what were the things we wanted to use and they tried to coax us to give in to the ongoing practice saying log kya kahenge’. Eventually, they understood the philosophy behind it. They realised this was not just an attempt by us to be different.”


However, following the recent plastic ban in Mumbai, vendors started showing interest in their sustainable eco-friendly methods to organise a wedding.

Deepa insists that it’s not a just a ‘concept wedding’ for them. Rather, it’s a way of life, she says, even as the couple mention their unhappiness at having been forced to buy new clothes for the wedding.

She says:

“We believe in bringing something to our home only when there is a real need than a perceived want.”

Prashin and Deepa wanted their wedding to have a lasting impact on their guests as well. One that would extend beyond the end of the ceremony. Hence, as return gifts for their 150 guests, they gave out seed balls, sourced from a Pune based NGO named Bhavtal.

These seed balls were given out in colourful cloth pouches, custom made by a local tailor brand, Just Wear Dressline, out of scrap material.

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What a fun and responsible way to begin a new phase of your life. Partly thanks to flashy Bollywood movies and partly due to societal norms, we have come to see weddings a time to splurge. In the process, we forget the lasting negative impact that single day can have on the environment and our wallets. It’s time to re-think our current lavish practices and make way for sensible ones. Happy married life Deepa and Prashin, you guys are off to a great start.