This Event In Mumbai Lets You Swap Books With Strangers And Is A Holy Grail For Bibliophiles

In the modern world of hi-tech gadgets and internet, we are getting more and more tech-savvy every day. Conversation with friends have been replaced with messaging apps and social media, dating apps are the answer to your dating (more like hooking-up) problems and e-books have replaced the charm of getting your hands on a new book and feeling its sweet smell as you go through the contents (bibliophiles would relate).

If you too are old-school like me, who would love to turn the clock back when it comes to books and meeting people offline, your prayers have been answered. Priyesh Thakker, a Mumbai resident has come up with an idea to bring bibliophiles under one roof.

Sip and Swap is an initiative to unite book lovers at one place. Labelled as a ‘book swap party’, it is an event where you meet strangers and swap your books with them. Priyesh explains the concept as,

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“Each pair gets five minutes at the table, where you can pitch your book to your partner. If you like each other’s books, you swap, and if not, you switch till you find the right book.”


The event was first organised in January at Mulund, Mumbai and the second edition is going to be held at a restaurant in Chembur on Sunday, March 26th. This time the event will also feature a short film screening.

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Priyesh believes that books are the perfect way to break the ice with a stranger and explore common topics of interests. He asks the attendees to just bring one book that they would like to share with others.

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“It might lead you to find something else in common with the person you’re paired with. The goal is to get people to go offline and socialise with others.”

If you are a book lover and are in or near Mumbai this Sunday, you know where to be.

News Source: Mid-day

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