A Mumbai Baker Made A 35 Kg Ganesha Idol From Pure Chocolate To Feed Underprivileged Kids

Festivals indeed occupy an important place in our lives and they bring our family and friends together. But aren’t we supposed to spread happiness and share our joy with the world too?

This year, from Spiderman to Bahubali, we stumbled upon some of the most innovative designs of Ganesha idols.


But, this wonder woman, Rintu Kalyani Rathod, chose to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a totally different way.

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She has her own bakery, ‘Rini Bakes – Bake my Dreams’ in Mumbai. Apparently, this wonder woman made a 38 inches tall chocolate Ganesha with 35 kg of chocolate in 50 hours.

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After 5 days, she has planned to immerse Ganesha in milk, feed the chocolate Ganesha to hundreds of underprivileged kids and spread happiness in the lives of those kids.

This is what this amazing lady said on her Facebook post:

“It pains me tremendously to see the way our environment is exploited in the name of devotion. I just couldn’t bare the sight on the beach after the Visarjan. Drunk people dancing on the streets on vulgar film songs blaring from loudspeakers is not devotion. I am a commercial designer turned designer-baker. I decided to make my idol from chocolate last year. We immersed the idol in milk and distributed the chocolate milk among the underprivileged kids prasad. 1100 people took the prasad last year. It was a 28 kg, 32 inches tall idol. Real Visarjan is done by bringing smiles on the faces of little kids not by polluting our waters.This year my idol is 35 kg and 38 inches tall. It took me 50 hours to make it. Hope to distribute prasad to many more people this time, so Bappa can stay in them forever. After all, Bappa’s favourite place to reside is inside us, nowhere else.”
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Isn’t this the perfect way to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi? After all, happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

If you really believe in God, then do your bit. Be a better person and celebrate the spirit of mankind.

News Source: Facebook

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