Mumbai Auto Driver Returns ₹66k To Passenger Who Was Saving It To Treat His Wife’s Disease

In the 21st century, we live in a society that’s similar to that of the wild wild west. We are supposed to trust no one because anyone take advantage of our naivety. We are told to not take help from a fellow traveler because they might try to spike our food and rob us of our money. And the list goes on. However, even during these dark times, there are pockets of hope and light. One such pocket was discovered by businessman Mukesh Jain after he lost the money he was saving for his wife’s treatment.

According to Mid-Day, Surat-based businessman, Mukesh Jain was travelling with Rs. 66000 in cash, which he had saved for treating his wife’s heart disease. However, since he was in a hurry, he left the money in the autorickshaw he had boarded.

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When Jain realised his mistake, he was undoubtedly disheartened, since he was certain that he had lost all his hard-earned money. Nevertheless, he went to the Malad Police station and filed a complaint for the missing bag containing the cash.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, the money was back in Mukesh’s hands, even before the police could register the complaint. And that was possible only because of the driver (Mishra) whose autorickshaw Mukesh had boarded. He said,

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“After leaving Jain to his destination, I took another passenger in the same locality, who noticed the bag and informed me. I immediately went to the Malad police station to hand over the bag, where I saw Jain.”

Considering how people like Mishra are rare and hard to come by, the Malad police decided to reward him with a cash prize of Rs. 1500 and a sweet bouquet. Mishra, who’s been driving an auto since 1997, said that this is not the first time such a mishap has happened. A couple of months ago a woman had forgot her smartphone in his autorickshaw. However, he has always made sure that the people who lost their property got it back safe and sound.

Mukesh’s story could’ve gone very differently if it wasn’t for Mishra’s honesty. And since the only way to defeat all the negativity circling us is with positivity, let’s hope more and more people act like Mishra and bring back a sense of trust and camaraderie that our society needs.

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