Mumbai Girl Dragged Her Assaulter To The Cops And They Ask Her Why Was She Out So Late

Just a shower thought: If every women kicks the man who touched her inappropriately or passed a lewd comment at her, in the groin…it would be so damn easy for all women to differentiate men from pervs! Those limping towards you will obviously stand out now, don’t you think?

Looks like this Mumbai girl shares a similar ideology. She bravely nabbed her harasser on an empty Vile Parle Road in Mumbai and literally dragged him to the nearest police chowki. According to a TOI report, She called the cops, but they did not show up for about 40 minutes.

She waited at the beat (near railway station) police chowki for more than 40 minutes for the cops to come and take them to the police station which was near the airport.


The woman in her late 30’s was coming back from her uncle’s house at 10:45 PM when a man walked behind her and touched her inappropriately. When she confronted him, he said that it was a mistake. She recalls the incident and says –

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“I was struck by the man’s audacity. The road was wide enough for him to have walked at a distance.”

When the woman asked him to come to police station with her, he was ready as he believed that he had done nothing wrong at all.


When cops took them to the main police station, they made her wait for 2 and a half hours more and bombarded her with all sorts of questions. To lodge an FIR against the crime that she had just witnessed, she had to answer questions like –

“I was asked irrelevant details about my brother, sister-in-law and even my nephew, including their names and ages. Police didn’t know what section to book the offender under. One of the personnel said I’d have to go for a medical check-up, while another said it was not needed. They then referred to a book. The printer wasn’t working, so they had to step out to get a photocopy of the FIR.”


But the one that stood out in particular was this.

“A lady cop wanted to know what she was doing out so late.” I replied “10.45 pm wasn’t late and many women worked till night.”


Meanwhile, the woman kept posting about her on-goings on Facebook and one her friends took to Twitter and tagged Mumbai Police in it.

She then says that after the tweet, Mumbai police got really active and things started moving faster.

“The web team checked on me. Things started moving swiftly after a senior officer arrived.”

The assaulter, Sanjay Babu has been booked and was presented at the Magistrate court on Tuesday.

Had she not confronted the man or let this incident slide by, things would have been much different. Women, if you are listening, it’s not the time to keep mum about such things. It’s time to speak up!

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