Genius Mum’s ‘Hilarious’ Instructions To Daughter About Watering The Garden Has Twitter ROFL!

When your parents are out on a holiday, you literally have the whole house to yourself. And what does that mean? Yes, it means that the time has come to switch on your party mode.

However, Grace Burton from Southampton is a woman who isn’t that lucky. Thanks to a very unique set of instructions given to her by her mother.

Her mother, who is out on a holiday, is a hardcore lover of plants and absolutely hearts her garden. And that’s exactly why she mailed her daughter a detailed list of instructions to follow while watering the garden in her absence.

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Grace took to Twitter to share the mail and trust me, it speaks volumes about her mother’s concern.

From how to use the hose to the description of pots, the list had expertly explained guidelines.

She even described the way she wanted Grace to water each and every plant. She asked her to start with the plant stand in the corner, before moving on to geraniums and violas and so on.

Here is the entire post that Grace shared on Twitter.

The post went viral as soon as it was released on the micro-blogging platform with people hailing her mum as a genius. While some wanted to know what’s her mum’s profession the others couldn’t stop laughing!

Give her mum a medal, right now!