Mukesh Ambani Draws Zero Salary For 2 Years In A Row Due To Pandemic, Twitter Rains Jokes

During the coronavirus pandemic, several people across the country had to survive on little to no salary as companies were making salary cuts to sustain themselves. Many lost their jobs and it was an economic mayhem.

Surprisingly, among the people who drew no salary was Reliance Industries head, Mukesh Ambani. However, his was a voluntary decision.

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According to NDTV, for 11 years, Mukesh Ambani had been drawing Rs 15 crore salary till 2019-2020.  But as the coronavirus pandemic struck, businesses suffered and the country’s economy went for a toss, Ambani stopped drawing a salary altogether and it has been two years since.

Reports write. “Ambani did not avail of any allowances, perquisites, retiral benefits, commission or stock options from Reliance for his role as the Chairman and Managing Director.”

But Twitter, on the other hand, rained memes and jokes on hearing this news. Here are some of the best reactions floating online:

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Aisi gareebi mujhe bhi chahiye bhagwan ji!

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