MS Dhoni Losing His Temper At Manish Pandey Becomes Meme Of The Day

Whether you like cricket or you hate it, there is no way you can escape it. Sure, you can not watch the match or not have elaborate discussions on it. However, someone or the other is always going to fill you in on what’s happening.

Remember the time Virat Kohli’s strategic planning with Hardik Pandya got recorded on the stump mic? Turns out, it was Mr Captain Cool, MS Dhoni’s temper that got recorded this time around.

In a clip that has been going viral all day, MS Dhoni seems to be losing his temper on the field with Manish Pandey. If you hear closely, he can be heard saying

“Aye! Bh****ke idhar dekh. Udhar kya dekh raha hai?”

The abusive word that people are losing their calm over is unclear though. There are fans suggesting that he did not abuse at all, instead, he said,

“Aye! Bole the na idhar dekh.”

MS Dhoni has always been known to be one of the finest captains the Indian cricket team has played under. He is also known for his calm and cool on the field, even under the most pressure-packed situations. But he is clearly losing his temper, by the looks of it.

Whether he really abused or not, we don’t know. But one thing we do know is that it has given us our daily meme content. Here are some of the best ones Twitter came up with.

1. Every student ever.

2. Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai?

3. Virat would need no glasses.

4. That betrayal…ouch.

5. Swach Bharat Abhiyaan.

6. True, ab toh memes bhi ban gaye uske.

7. Middle-class people to every politician.

8. SRK will be proud.

9. Just sayin’!

10. Google maps are severely misleading though.

11. This is hilarious.

12. Family business kaun sambhalega bro?

We still don’t have an answer to whether he used the word or no, but you can always trust Twitter to give you hilarious reactions and memes to it.