MS Dhoni And Darren Gough Compared Their Bikes On Twitter. Guess Who Won

Cricket + Bikes = Awesomeness!

And that’s exactly what happened when Mahendra Singh Dhoni started a conversation with his friends and fans on Twitter. He tweeted an image of a Suzuki Shogun and asked people for their opinion on it.


Quickly response gathered and former pace bowler from England Darren Gough replied to his tweet suggesting that his Ducati was better,


MSD was quick to reply and he tweeted,


Commenting on MSD’s picture, Darren Gough mistook Confederate Hellcat X132 for a Harley Davidson (blame the jacket) and made a friendly comeback,

MSD fans quickly corrected Darren Gough and the rest is history.

So what do we know and what have we learned, MSD rocks!

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