Mr Gay India’s Belly Dance On ‘My Name Is Lakhan’ Will Make You Go Dhina-Dhin-Dha!

While you were growing up, didn’t you think of Anil Kapoor’s ‘My Name Is Lakhan’ from ‘Ram Lakhan’ as the ultimate street dance number? All, we’ve done so far is do pagal-dance (and like my Bengali friends – bhasaan dance) on it and let our hair down. Ever thought of it as a track on which you can make your belly dance? Ok! The authentic one and not casual belly rolls or hip-jerks.

Mr Gay India from Delhi, Anwesh Sahoo, has clinched the Indian pageant title and even our attentions by belly dancing to it at Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival. Woah! That guy’s got some really cool moves and great expressions. It’s amazing, take a look.

P.S. If you feel the urgent need to break into random, uncoordinated steps Anil Kapoor style, feel free to do that too. But don’t forget to add some shimmies to it! *dhina dhin dha*

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