Mr Bean’s Face Superimposed On Trump Results In A Terrifyingly Funny Deepfake Video!

Rowan Atkinson as the hilarious Mr Bean has always managed to tickle our funny bones. Yet this time around, a deepfake involving Mr Bean couldn’t leave us more terrified! For the uninitiated, a popular yet infamous video app ‘DeepFakeLab’ uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to superimpose different faces onto bodies.

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Purely non-consensual, this is in jest, yet banished from several social media platforms because of its controversial nature. While it can be misused at times, a recent viral video showcases deepfake tech at its hilarious best. It combines Mr Bean’s face with that of US President Trump.

Created by PolygonGraphics, the viral clip is an epic mashup of Mr Bean superimposed onto the US president during the iconic 2015 press conference (the one where he announced his presidential bid). Take a look at the video-

Speaking of what motivated him to create the two-minute long video, PolygonGraphics explains-

“I find many of Trump’s gestures comparable to Mr. Bean and thought that the very open eyes of Bean would contrast really well.”

Completed in 24 hours, the video highly appealed to Twitterati who were as creeped out as amused. Here’s what they had to say!

In fact, quite a few maintained that it was a little scary-

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Others were merely tickled by it.


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Now we wonder what Atkinson has to say about this deepfake!

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