Youth In MP Drinks Acid Mistaking it For Water While Playing PUBG

The popularity of stories of PUBG addiction has already outshined the popularity of the game itself! The online battle game boasts a massive fan base who religiously devote hours of their time clicking away at their mobile screens daily. So much so that people are going berserk over the game, calling upon their own mental and physical devastation.

From the Mumbai teenager who committed suicide after being denied an expensive phone to play the game to the man who stabbed sister’s fiance after his phone battery drained out while playing, PUBG has wreaked havoc time and again, ever since its launch in 2018.

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To add to the list of PUBG destruction, here’s a recent case coming from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. The young man was playing a battle on the online game when he picked a bottle to drink water from it. But the man was so deeply indulged in the game that he mistakenly picked up the wrong bottle which had acid in it. He drank the acid mistaking if for water, reported News 18. His family rushed him to the nearest hospital soon, where an operation was performed on his intestines. He is currently out of danger says the report.

Following such incidences, some of the places in India have either imposed a ban on the game or are working towards the same. The government school in Gujrat, the men’s hostel of Vellore Institute of Technology have already banned the game.

How many more such cases will the addicted gamers need to be sensible? It’s high people understand that game is meant for entertainment and not for destruction.

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