Brave MP Woman Fights Robber After He Threatens Her With Knife, Gets Him Arrested

If you are a woman, you might have been suggested to learn a few self-defense techniques. Because in the face of a crime, be it robbery or physical harassment, knowing basic self-defense can save you.

For example, a woman in Madhya Pradesh recently fought off a robber with a basic self-defense technique and was able to get him arrested. The incident occurred in the Ujjain district of the state.

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According to News18, Isha Khandelwal, a software engineer, had visited a nearby ATM to withdraw money along with her sister. She was accompanied by her elder sister and her son.

After withdrawing the money, she stepped outside the ATM and was counting the cash. It was then when a robber, knife in hand, grabbed her from behind and threatened her to hand him over the cash.

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However, Isha wasn’t afraid. In an act of courage, she hit the robber hard on his stomach with her elbow, causing him to fall. The other sister then held him to prevent him from escaping, while Isha screamed to grab the passerby’s attention. People who were present nearby came to their help.

Isha then called the police and informed them of the crime. Cops from Madhav Nagar police station immediately reached the spot and arrested the robber.

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“I was counting the withdrawn money from the ATM, and a young man came from behind and grabbed me. He had a knife in one hand. I was not scared. When I hit his stomach hard with the elbow, he fell down, I had my sister with me, so she held him, and I shouted and asked for help. With the help of people nearby, we caught the robber and informed the police by dialing 100. I was hurt by the robber’s knife, but I did not let him escape,” Isha said.

Kudos to Isha and her sister for showing such remarkable bravery!

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