MP Govt Spends ₹12 Lakh Per Year To Guard This ‘VVIP’ Tree And Here Is Why It’s Bizarre

As a responsible citizen of the country, you should know where the tax money you’re pay is going. And as democracy promotes transparency, here is something that we should all know.

Madhya Pradesh Government spends ₹12 Lakh EVERY YEAR to make sure that this VVIP Peepal tree survives. So if that’s a shortcut to send tax payers money in the drain or is there a bigger picture, I’ll let you decide.

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Deemed as India’s first ‘VVIP’ tree, it is located only 5 kms away from Sanchi Buddhist complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sanchi is situated between MP’s capital city of Bhopal and a small town called, Vidisha.


The VVIP tree has a story. It was planted as a sapling, 5 years ago by former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who brought the holy sap from his country. The tree isn’t a holy sight yet and not many people come to visit it.

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Situated at hillock in Salamatpur, the tree is practically in the middle of nowhere. Why VVIP? Because it enjoys a lot of perks. It has 4 homeguards planted around it (round the clock), a dedicated water tank, and a botanist from the MP Agriculture Department who pays weekly visits.

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Sub-Divisional Magistrate Varun Awasthi, said that the entire hill has been dedicated to a Buddhist University and the whole area is being developed as a Buddhist circuit. But according to the NDTV report, there is no sign of any University.


Bhante Chandaratan, who is from the Mahabodhi Society of India at Sanchi, spoke to NDTV and explained the concept of the tree.

“In the third century BC… a branch of the original Bodhi Tree, under which Lord Buddha found enlightenment, was taken from India to Sri Lanka and planted in Anuradhapura.”

Many people around the country are furious especially because it comes as news at a time when 51 farmers from the state have committed suicide only in the past month. They believe that this money would have helped the farmers and  instead saved people’s lives.

Honestly, this tree has more privileges than I will ever have.