MP Politician Says Eating Eggs Can Turn Kids Into Cannibals As It’s Against Indian Culture

Incredibly funny and inaccurate statements said by our leaders publicly will never stop going out of trend! Recently, Financial Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had stated that the automobile industry slowdown was caused by millenials who now prefer booking an Ola/Uber instead of buying a new car. And now, one Madhya Pradesh politician has set the bar of bizarre statements even higher.

According to a report by NDTV, Madhya Pradesh BJP leader Gopal Bhargava went on record to say that children who eat eggs will grow up to become cannibals. He said this statement while criticising the inclusion of eggs in the meals served to the children in MP anganwadis as it was “interfering with the faith and religious beliefs of the people”.

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“In our Indian culture, eating of meat is not allowed. If we eat this from childhood then I don’t know, when we grow up we could become cannibals,” he said.

Watch the video here:

As was expected, Twitter users assembled and ridiculed the man for his scientifically inaccurate and bizarre statement. Some egg-eaters played along and asked him how long would it take for them to turn into cannibals!

All is fine for foodies until people start dictating the kind of food you should eat in the name of culture and religion. Live, and let live; eat, and let eat!

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