MP Who Claimed Taking Mud-Bath & Blowing Shankh Boosts Immunity Tests Covid Positive

4.93 million. That is the approximate number of active coronavirus cases in India currently. And, yet there are a few covidiots who defy social distancing norms or follow unusual methods to keep COVID-19 at bay. For instance, some people sold “COVID-curing” Mysurpas.

In fact, some time ago, the video of Rajasthan MP Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria claiming that his mud bath routine could increase immunity against Covid-19 had gone viral, reports Ahmedabad Mirror. His process also included blowing a conch (the Shankh). However, his unusual methods didn’t work as he tested positive for the virus.

He is reportedly one of the 24 MPs who tested positive for coronavirus on day one of the Parliament’s monsoon session. Earlier, in his video, the MP had said being close to nature will save him from getting infected from the virus.

He had said, “You will not gain immunity from eating medicines. You will gain immunity naturally. Go out, get wet in the rain, sit in the dirt, work on the farm, blow a conch, and eat ‘desi’ things. One gains immunity from doing these things.”

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Well, his advice certainly didn’t work for him. He now joins Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal, who had tested positive for COVID, after asserting that ‘Bhabi Ji Papad’ is an immunity booster against the virus.

While taking precautionary measures during the pandemic is a must, we shouldn’t follow anything blindly. What do you think about this incident? Tell us in the comments below.

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