MP Minister Gives Creative ‘Solution’ As Petrol Price Touches ₹107, Says ‘Ride A Cycle’

Petrol prices are on the rise across the country. In cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, the cost of petrol has touched Rs 104 and Rs 101, respectively, leaving uncountable people concerned.

In Madhya Pradesh, the cost of petrol has touched Rs 107 per litre. However, Madhya Pradesh Energy Minister Pradhuman Singh Tomar has a solution to this problem. According to NDTV, he suggested riding a cycle instead as it would keep people and the environment healthy.

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Asking people to ride a cycle to vegetable markets, the minister said:

“It will keep us healthy and keep pollution away. Prices are high but the money coming through this is being utilised for the poor man.”

He went on to ask, “Are petrol and diesel more important to us or the health services of the country?”

“I did this for myself too. If you pick up my diary for 30 days, you will know how many days I walk, go in a car or on a cycle,” he added.

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The minister claimed that the excess money which people paid for petrol is going towards welfare schemes for the poor, like providing them with free ration, reports Indian Express.

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“The money was not going to any leader’s house but to the poor people,” he said.

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