Minor Girl In MP Climbs A Hoarding & Demands To Marry Boyfriend Against Mom’s Wish


‘Kud Jaunga, Faand Jaaunga, Mar Jaaunga!’

I know all you filmy people might have guessed by now from which movie this iconic dialogue is. But for those who haven’t, this is from the evergreen movie ‘Sholay’ when Dharmendra, who played Veeru in the movie, climbed atop a water tank and threatened to suicide since he wasn’t able to marry Basanti, all thanks to her mausi.


Well, probably taking inspiration from Veeru, a girl from Madhya Pradesh climbed atop a hoarding demanding to marry a boy against her mother’s wish.

The girl, who is reportedly a minor, was spotted sitting atop the hoarding at Bhandari Bridge in Indore’s Pardesipura by the locals.

Soon, the cops were informed who immediately came to the spot. Pardesipura Station Incharge, Ashok Patidar informed:


“A minor girl climbed a hoarding demanding to marry a boy against her mother’s wish. She later came down on boy’s insistence.”

According to reports, the girl resorted to the high-voltage drama after her mother insisted that the girl marry a boy her family had found for her.

Well, like Dharmendra’s story, this girl’s ordeal also has emotions, drama, and tragedy. What do you think of this?

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