MP Farmer Overjoyed To Find Diamond Worth ₹60 Lakh On Land He’d Leased For ₹200

You must have heard many people say that ‘Kismat kabhi bhi, kahin bhi badal sakti hai’. It can take a person from rags to riches and riches to rags within seconds. Here’s an example.

According to Times Now, a 45-year-old farmer from Madhya Pradesh named Lakhan Yadav turned a lakhpati overnight after finding a piece of diamond worth Rs 60 lakh from a patch of land he leased for Rs 200.

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Yadav’s family was one of those who were evicted from Panna National Park when several villages were being removed. And with the pandemic forcing the nation into a lockdown, his income suffered massively. Hence, to say that Yadav and his family suffered tough times would be an understatement.

Speaking to the press, Yadav expressed how he could never forget the moment he scooped up earth wherein he found a different-looking ‘pebble’. Upon taking it to the district diamond officer, the found that the ‘pebble’ was in fact a 14.98-carat diamond, reports News18.

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With his recently earned money, Yadav wishes to secure his 4 children’s education by fixing them into deposits. However, with the first 1 lakh rupees that he received, he bought a bike for himself.

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“I am not an educated person and I’ll put the money in a fixed deposit to ensure my four kids get a good education,” he said.

Thanks to his sudden change in fortune, Yadav will hopefully be able to see better days!

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