MP Man, Assumed To Be Dead, Wakes Up On His Funeral Pyre, Scared People Begin To Run Away

A dead body waking up during a funeral is something that we only get to see in horror and comedy films. But what if someone, who was known to be dead, suddenly wakes up while on a funeral pyre? It would be scary as hell for people to witness!

But this is what happened recently in Madhya Pradesh. In a cremation ground in Morena, a man who was assumed to be dead suddenly woke up, scaring everyone around him who then started to run away.

However, a doctor was then called who, after a checkup, confirmed that the man was indeed alive and his heart was still beating. He suggested that the patient be taken to a hospital in Gwalior.

According to reports, the ‘dead’ body is of a man named Jeetu Prajapati who had been suffering from a kidney-related disease. On a Tuesday evening, he suddenly collapsed and people used their fingers to try and check if the man was still breathing. They thought he was no longer alive and called the neighbours and relatives and organized a funeral.

While lying on the funeral pyre, the man’s body began to move and then the entire incident transpired. Here’s a video of the incident:

Must have been a shocking experience for those who attended the last rites of the man!

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