After Warning People Against Drunk Celebrations, MP Cops Consume Alcohol At Police Station

After looking at this video uploaded by ANI, at first, you’d think this is just another group of people dancing, drinking booze and creating a menace while playing Holi. But after taking a closer look, you’ll find that these are, in fact, cops at a police station, consuming alcohol in broad daylight. While it is common practice in India for policemen to celebrate festivals like Holi a day after everyone at their workplace, such illicit behaviour is absolutely unacceptable and utterly demeaning to the sanctity of police service.

This video is of Chawni police station in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh from Tuesday. After it went viral, the Gwalior district Superintendent of Police suspended 15 cops, including two ASI (assistant sub-inspector). Meanwhile, he also ordered a probe to check the authenticity of the video.

Before Holi, the Gwalior Police themselves ran a campaign asking people not to consume alcohol on the streets while celebrating and issued a warning of strict action against those involved in drunken celebrations. Oh, the irony!

News Source: India Today