MP Cop Runs 1.5 Km Carrying Injured Man On Shoulders As Ambulance Couldn’t Reach The Spot


We’ve all read comic books or seen fictional movies about superheroes. They have a sound moral compass, wear capes and fight crime. The ones in real life though, don’t wear elaborate costumes or have superpowers. But that doesn’t stop them from helping people selflessly. Be it a CRPF jawan donating blood to a Naxal or a police officer standing up to vandals, there are examples aplenty that such brave souls do exist.

Poonamchand Billore, a 29-year-old police constable from Madhya Pradesh was manning a First Response Vehicle (FRV) along with driver Rahul Salkalle when he received a 100-emergency call. A male passenger had fallen off a moving train near Pagdhal railway station, Hoshangabad district.

Neither the FRV nor an ambulance could reach him due to the hilly terrain, so both of them went on foot. Then the officer carried him on his shoulders for 1.5 km so that he could be treated for his injuries.


The Indian Express quoted the officer saying,

“He was bleeding and in pain. There was no other way but to carry him on shoulders. At one point, I had to get off the track because a train was passing by.”

The passenger has been identified as an Uttar Pradesh resident named Ajit. Due to the officer’s quick response, he was able to reach a hospital in time and get his injuries treated. He has been declared as being out of danger by his doctors.

The video of the hero cop has since gone viral with people lauding him for his bravery.


The country certainly needs more police constables like him. Hats off to you, sir.

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