Bhopal BJP MP Backs ‘No Boyfriend’ Theory, Says They’re Responsible For Crimes Against Women


While India is a developing nation, Indians are far away from a progressive mindset. And before we talk about living quality and resources, we have to look within and find the change we wish to see in the world.

Remember when our Vidhayak Chacha Pannalal Shakya said that making boyfriend leads to atrocities against women? And unfortunately, there are more like him.

According to Times of India, a senior leader from Bhopal and state president of party’s women front, Lata Elkar came out with a similar opinion and supported Pannalal Shakya. She said,

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“Making boyfriend is not a part of Indian culture as it has been adopted from the western world. Many incidents happen due to such relations.

boyfriend culture is one of the reasons for crimes against women.”

Ummmm, what?

But then she went on saying that she never said the ‘boyfriend’ culture is good or bad. Now, I am confused. Earlier she reacted to the Bhopal gangrape incident by saying that we need to instil fear in minds of people.

The women’s MP went on citing the incident where the woman was raped by the ex-boyfriend and his associates. She told TOI,

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The incident reminded me of the same boyfriend culture. The reason behind atrocities against women could be relations with the boyfriend or may be some other reasons. I am not saying that it happens only because of boyfriend culture. But what I am saying is this is not our culture. I would also not object to the clothes and style adopted by girls. I would rather leave this on their choice. Girls want to live their own life and we should not interfere in their lifestyle.”


To sum her up, boyfriends could lead to crimes against women like rape and sexual harassment. And not with perversion and people’s sick mindset. Needless to say, half-baked knowledge is more dangerous. We may not body-shame or clothe-shame anyone, but we can’t boyfriend-shame them either.


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