7 Things You Need To Be Prepared For While Moving To A New City

New city, new people, new job, new house and a whole new experience. Too much newness to soak in, right? Amid all this, you would be going through an inexplicable feeling which would be part happy-nervous and part worried.

Not sugar-coating it but moving from one place to another is such a pain in the….whole body. You know from packing and moving and keeping the multi-tasking level sky-high. It is an exacting process. Not trying to scare you, but here are 7 things you should be prepared for when moving to a new city.

1. You will come across finicky landlords

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How often have you heard someone say ‘I have no issues with my landlord’? Errmm… Safe guess, not much. After going through the landlord’s list of Dos & Don’ts, one can’t help but feel as if the landlord has done a huge favour upon you by renting the house.


2. Neighbours who just don’t trust you

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The common expression your neighbours will wear on their faces whenever they see you and your family will not be very comforting. Since you are new to the place, they would have a hard time trusting either you or your family.


3. Getting from one place to another was easier before

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Each city has a same-but-slightly different transport system. So figuring out your commute may take a while for you to getting used to.


4. You will miss the food the most

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The beauty of each city lies in its food. And sometimes getting used to that may take a really long time. You always have those favourite restaurants where you celebrate with family or take your kids out for a fun treat. Well, you will have to start over again!


5. You feel a bit lost in the new locality without the perks of the last one

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In addition to missing your old city, you would also realize that you miss those ‘galliyans and chaubaras’ and local gossip. That feeling of not belonging here will wash over you. You don’t know many people or much about the city and can feel a bit lost.


6. Forming new connections for utilities from scratch

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Back at home, you have your set cable guy, plumbing guy, maid, the grocery store which sends stuff to your house after a call, or the parlour lady who knows what suits your skin the best and what you are allergic to. Setting up all those connections from the scratch is one hell of a task…s.


7. No place you can call your own

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The one thing you most definitely will have to be prepared for is the lack of that one place you call home. A place where you can let go and relax with your family.

There are many factors you have to keep in mind when moving to a new city. Well, you can overcome some of the things with time, pretty easily. But some, you just can’t. No matter how much you try.


But having said that, there are ways to make yourself at home in a new city. Because nothing makes you belong somewhere as much as your own home! Watch this video to know why!

After all, sheher mein apna ghar ho toh, sheher bhi apna lagta hai. #GharApnaSheherApna

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