Boyfriend Turns Home Into Movie Theatre For Date With GF Amid Lockdown, Watch Video


Ever since I remember, I have always been a sucker for love stories. For me, dating is a magical experience full of romantic and heartfelt moments. So, no matter how many heartbreaks I go through, I will still believe in the power of love.

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Speaking of which, I recently came across a video that will surely melt your heart. A guy turned his home into an elaborate movie theatre for his special someone. A video posted by ‘Michael and Marisa’, shows how Michael planned a ‘special date’ amid the lockdown, reports Hindustan Times.

The video begins with Michael asking Marisa if she wants to go out for a movie. Marisa looks confused and tells him that theatres are shut. However, he quickly hands her a ticket.

Surprised, Marisa enters the house where there is an usher waiting for them. Michael checks-in with him and says they are watching Onward.

To make the entire thing look more realistic, Michael also set up a snack bar. So, Marisa happily got some popcorn and a drink for her movie date.

With the ultimate movie snacks in her hand, Marisa walked towards their make-believe theatre.

She gets all excited as she enters the gorgeous movie theatre made by Michael. Decorated with fairy lights and cute pillows, it looks like the most beautiful and romantic theatre ever.

Michael thanks his buddy for his help as he and Marisa enjoy their romantic movie night at home.

Michael surely put in a lot of effort to surprise Marisa. This certainly is the most romantic thing I have ever seen! Would you do something like this for your better half? Tell us!

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