‘Can We Move To New Zealand?’, Asks Twitter After NZ ‘Eliminates’ Coronavirus

The New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, recently announced that the coronavirus has currently been eliminated from the country, reports CNN. Over the past few days, newly diagnosed cases have been on single digits. On Monday, only one COVID-19 case was reported.

According to BBC, Jacinda Ardern claimed that there have been “no widespread undetected community transmission in New Zealand.” This comes after 5-weeks of strict lockdown.

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“We have won that battle,” she announced.

Yesterday, a few non-essential businesses, healthcare and education activities were able to resume. However, to ensure that the situation remains under control, most people are required to remain at home for the time being. Those going outdoors need to practice social distancing.

“We are opening up the economy, but we’re not opening up people’s social lives,” Ardern said.

People on social media are celebrating New Zealand’s “win” against the coronavirus. According to News18, many now want to shift to New Zealand!

New Zealand showed us how a combination of immediate action, wide testing, relying upon “good science”, and strong leadership can handle the pandemic effectively!

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