Mouni Roy Has A Freak Accident, Slams Mumbai Metro For Recklessness In Viral Tweet

Whenever you visit the financial capital of the country, you will find multiple lanes being dug up and the city being under construction all the time adds up to be a citizen’s nightmare. And with the expansion of the metro rail lines, the chaotic traffic is getting worse every day. We agree that if we need better transport services in the future, we have to compromise today but the least a citizen can ask from the authorities is to adhere to all the safety norms so that no one is harmed, right?

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But looks like the Mumbai metro authorities have failed to assess or address safety issues. The repercussions were faced by ‘Made in China’ actor, Mouni Roy this week. The TV heartthrob who is taking over Bollywood, one movie at a time, had a freak accident on the roads of Mumbai.

While Roy was at the Juhu signal, a huge rock fell on her car breaking the sunroof. She shared the video of the unfortunate incident on her twitter handle. She slammed the metro authorities for their irresponsible behaviour that could have cost someone their life.

“Was on my way to work at Juhu signal a huge rock falls on the car 11 floors up. Can’t help but think what if anybody was crossing the road. Any suggestions as to what to be done with such irresponsibility of the Mumbai metro?”

Although the actor remained unharmed, netizens were exasperated by the authority’s carelessness.

This unfortunate incident could have happened to anyone walking on the streets and possibly fatally injured them. An update from the Mumbai metro officials is still awaited.

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