21-YO CA Student Asks People Online To Motivate Him, Helpful Advice Comes Pouring In


In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for people to go through a mental block during work or even have professional burnouts. However, it’s important that we act to remedy the situation. Like, for many people, going on a vacation or taking up a hobby, or working out helps them rejuvenate and get back to things stronger.

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Recently, a CA student took to Reddit and shared how it’s a struggle to stay motivated and focus on your career. The person asked people for some sane & helpful advice to get out of the situation. Have a look at the entire post:

Hey, so as a background I’m a 21-year-old Ca student. It’s not that I dislike CA but I don’t love it either. My problem is I’m never motivated to read. I’m not motivated enough to learn new things in my work field. I spend my weekdays waiting for the weekend and fucking sit on Reddit 24*7 and watch football. I’ve lived my life so far like this.

I know I have to study to pass CA and go to work and earn a lot but I don’t know why that doesn’t motivate me. I go to work and do what they tell me and come back and rinse and repeat. I’m wasting my life by just waiting for another day to be over.

If anyone can advise me on how to be better and how to come out of this vicious cycle of disinterest and unmotivated self please help me. Is there no way for someone without motivation and drive to live in this world happily.

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Many people comforted the student and shared some helpful advice too:

1. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes. 

2. What a practical thought! 

3. Trying something new always refreshes your mind. 

4. Being independent is important. 

5. Helping others is always a kind deed.

6. Another CA student shared what helped them focus. 

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7. Well! 

8. A student shared their woes too. 

Well, having a driving force in life always helps. But it is okay to not feel okay sometimes. We can always talk to our family and discuss our problems with our loved ones. What do you do to lift yourself up when you feel unmotivated? Tell us!

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