Mother’s Funny Texts Show How All Parents Think Their Child Looks The Best

As desi kids, we all know we can’t escape from two things- mummy ka gussa aur mummy ka laad-pyaar. While we are all accustomed to mummy ki maar with flying chappals and other such ‘hathiyaar’, let’s not forget the times when we also are the one and only aankhon ka taara in her eyes.

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Well, it looks like things aren’t so different around the world. A Twitter user shared a screenshot of messages from a mother who talked about how another mom shared pictures of her kids over Zoom calls. She proceeded to hilariously comment on how she felt that her kids are much more ‘beautiful’ than the rest.

And many people responded to this trait of mothers of how they all think that their kid is the best:

1. As it turns out, this is a universal thing.

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2. Some were not very pleased with the mother’s remark, while others found it sweet.

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3. The mother’s bias showed in the comments as well.

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4. And some food for thought.

Does your mother do this too? Tell us!

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