Son Makes ‘Mother With Sign’ Insta Account For Desi Mom With Never-Ending Advice

‘God couldn’t be everywhere so he created Mothers’. It’s true, isn’t it? From feeding us to being our ultimate support system, a mother is always there for you. And if you’re a desi kid, you know instructions like ‘khana time pe kha lena’ or ‘phone pe mat rhe pure time’ is a part and parcel of growing up. I mean does your mom even love you if she hasn’t threatened you with dire consequences for not taking care of yourself?

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No matter how old you get, you will always be mom’s ‘ladla bachcha’. So basically, there’s no escaping a mother’s selfless love or her pearls of wisdom. Recently, a son set up an Instagram page for his desi mom who loves giving him a ton of advice.

Have a look at Twitter user Pranav Sapra’s post about his mum’s new page:

The ‘Mother With Sign’ page shows his mum holding up placards with day-to-day advice that we all have definitely heard once. Have a look at some of her typical instructions.

The mandatory advice you get every time you step out :

When mom tries to give you a not-so-subtle reminder:

Mom always gives the most sensible advice:

When mom is more savage than you can ever be:

You know mom means business when she brings out the big guns:

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And finally every mom’s favorite word of advice:

People on the internet couldn’t agree more and quickly shared their thoughts on this creative page:

Relatable much? Well, this adorable mother is like every other Indian mom who loves taking care of their kids. What is your mom’s favorite word of advice? Let us know in the comments below.

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