It’s Time To See The Mother-Son Relationship In A Whole New Light. Axis Bank’s Latest Film Shows You How.

Today, new-age mothers are initiating conversations and redefining relationships, especially with their sons. They are not shy of discussing topics that were typically considered a father’s domain. And this has become increasingly true even for financial products. Any discussion in the house around finance has typically been led by men. Not any longer. Axis Bank has taken a step forward to simplify the jargon around home loans. A clutter breaking proposition of ’12 EMIS off’ is something anyone can easily comprehend. And such a simplification allows everyone to participate in key family decisions.

Just like the mom in this video, who in a beautiful way gives her son an important advice before he gets married. An advice atypical but progressive; how mothers today believe that to love, is to let go when the time is right. And how they are willing to nudge their sons out of the nest.

Axis Bank has always endeavoured to push relationships in a progressive direction. And they’ve done the same yet again with this gem of a video.

The film excels at nudging us in the right direction, showing us how relationships are ready to be redefined. The advice, which the mother has for her son in this video serves as food for thought. And above everything else, while capturing the essence of modern India, Axis Bank takes us a step closer to fulfilling our dreams of owning a home. After all, with their Home loans waiving the last 12 EMIs, moving into your own house gets all the more easier.

The thought is simple. Ghar ki khushi bani rehni chahiye. EMI nahin.

This story is brought to you in association with Axis Bank Home Loans