Desi Mom Scratches TV Screen With A Knife To Stop Kid Watching It, People React

With smartphones, TVs, and laptops becoming a staple in many households, reducing screen time and viewing responsibly can be a challenge, especially when it comes to little kids. And different parents resort to different ways to curb and control it. For instance, a desi dad used AI algorithms and soap bubbles to ensure his son watched TV from a distance. But what happens when cool parenting hacks like these runout and frustration creeps in?

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An Indian Reddit user shared how his mother resorted to reducing his screen time by scratching the TV screen completely. He shared the image of the damaged screen:

How to reduce your kids screentime according to my mother from india

In response to another user’s question, he specified how she did it:

Some people wondered, ‘Aisa kya dekh raha tha?’:

Some people recalled instances of what their parents did in similar situations:

How have your parents dealt with such situations? Share with us!

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