Bengaluru Woman Throws Her 7 YO Daughter From The Terrace TWICE, To Make Sure She’s Dead


The safest place for a child is in the arms of the mother, a place where you are protected from all the evils of the world. We cannot even imagine a mother harming her own child but this incident filled us with astonishment and anguish.

Swathi Sarkar flung her 7-year-old daughter, Aishika Sarkar, down from the terrace of the four-storey building they lived in. The incident occurred near Sri Rama Temple at Jaraganahalli in JP Nagar, South Bengaluru on Sunday.

According to the police, after flinging her down the first time, when she saw that the girl was still alive, she carried her upstairs again and threw her down, the second time.

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One of the neighbours of the woman who saw her throwing the child told Times of India,

“I was sleeping when I heard a huge noise around 3.30pm, and I ran out to see what had happened. I noticed Swathi, clad in a nightie, holding her daughter who was bleeding profusely.

The child was crying and writhing in pain. I asked Swathi what had happened. She shouted at me and ran towards the terrace and threw the girl to the ground.”

The woman, after committing the murder, changed her clothes and hurried to flee the scene but an enraged mob caught her and tied her up to an electric pole before informing the police.



When questioned, she told the police that it was her daughter and nobody had the right to question whatever she chose to do with her child. Swathi also claimed that the child was disabled and had speech development issues. Deputy Commissioner of Police, D Sharanappa said,

“It appears that the accused was frustrated with her child and hence took this drastic measure.”

Meanwhile, a few residents rushed the child to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead on arrival.



The woman had an estranged husband, Kanchan Sarkar, who issued a statement to the police saying that his wife would often fly into a fit of rage, lose control over herself and even assault the child.

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Police suspect that the woman is mentally unstable as she was showing signs of depression. She was acting strange after she separated from her husband seven months ago, the neighbours told the police. Swathi was initially a school teacher but had quit her job two years ago.

This incident has left us shell-shocked over the brutality of a mother towards her own child. A mother is the safe haven for a child, but this mother took away the very life she brought into the world.

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