Man Confesses That His Mother-In-Law Stole Nude Pics Of Him From Daughter’s Phone

For years Ekta Kapoor has shown us how mothers-in-law are the evilest anybody could get. They are the people who come into our dreams to murder us, or torture us the least, and plan on unleashing household doom upon us!

Or so Ekta would have us believe.

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Even though most people end up with amazing souls as in-laws, this couple from South Africa wasn’t. In fact, they had their creepiest dream come true.

A Reddit user recently posted a rather awkward encounter with his mother-in-law who secretly went through her daughter’s phone and stole nude pictures of him!

MiL stole my naked photos from my wife’s phone from JUSTNOMIL

What’s even creepier is that the MIL didn’t find anything wrong in what she had done. “It’s just a picture”, she said.

That just makes me so uncomfortable right now.

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Being mad at her (obviously!) the couple avoids calling her over for meals. And now she just won’t shut up about how the two are alienating her.

Now this is a creepy lady with nude pics of a guy, people. So, the couple is now trying to take legal action against the MIL to sort out the situation. Being a high school teacher, the guy would be in a soup if the photos are leaked!

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After the post went live, Reddit users didn’t hold back from showing their support:

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And you thought Indian serials had the worst family dynamics!

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