After Son’s Death, Mother-In-Law Gets Daughter-In-Law Educated, Employed & Remarried

We have come across several stories of violence, abuse and harassment inflicted on a woman by her in-laws. But in a refreshing story that was reported from Sikar, Rajasthan, a woman got her widowed daughter-in-law remarried after her husband passed away due to a brain stroke.

According to Dainik Bhaskar, after only 6 months of her marriage, Sunita lost her husband to a brain stroke. It was then that her mother-in-law Kamala Devi, who is a teacher at a government school, decided to educate her further. She pushed Sunita to pursue her Masters and then a B.Ed degree. After having completed the latter, Sunita bagged a job as a school teacher in History.

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Kamala Devi’s younger son, Subham, was married to Sunita in May 2016. Later, Subham went to Kyrgyzstan to pursue MBBS. In November 2016, he suffered a brain stroke and lost his life.

Kamala Devi reportedly loved Sunita more than her sons and for the next 5 years, she took care of Sunita like her own daughter. So when the time came, she got her daughter-in-law remarried to a man named Mukesh who works as CAG auditor in Bhopal. The ceremony was witnessed and enjoyed by many, reported Zoom News.

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This is not all. Kamala Devi is strictly against dowry. When she got her son married to Sunita, she didn’t ask for dowry. And now, when she married Sunita off to Mukesh, she didn’t offer dowry.

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Here’s a video from the wedding:

Kamala Devi and Sunita’s story is such an inspiration!

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