Brave Pune Mother Saves Her Baby From Leopard Attack, Fights It Off With Her Bare Hands

People often say that a mother can do anything, cross any limit, tackle the most threatening dangers in order to save her own child. And the saying isn’t wrong.

In a horrifying incident, a mother in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune. fought a leopard with her bare hands in order to save her son after being attacked in their sleep by the beast.

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The incident occurred when the woman, Deepali Mali, was sleeping beside her husband, Dilip, and her son Dnyaneshwar, outside their hut. Both the husband and wife are sugarcane farmers.

According to sources, 20-year-old Deepali was woken up at 1.30 AM by the leopard’s growl. When she woke up, she was terrified on seeing that the animal had already grabbed her 18-month-old baby by his head.

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With no weapon to protect her, she started hitting the leopard with her bare hands. The animal then released the baby but attacked her instead by catching hold of her hand.

Deepali then raised an alarm which led the leopard to flee into the nearby fields.

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After being alerted by the villagers, forest officials reached the attack spot at 2 AM and took the baby to a nearby hospital. The boy had injuries on his neck, ear, and the area around his left eye.

“The forest has been urging the villagers not to sleep in the open and also to keep their domestic animals indoors to avert any leopard attack”, said round forest officer Vishal Adhagele.

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One can never imagine the horror of the mother on seeing her child caught by such a vicious animal. Her bravado is something that should be celebrated!

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