12 Reasons Why The Mother-Daughter Bond Is Always Special

Mothers and daughters have a special place in each others’ hearts- a bond that is irreplaceable. No matter what the problem, you know you can go up to your mother and tell her about it. She may yell, get angry, or even punish, but she’ll be the first one to get you out of the mess. And that’s why, mothers are known to be a representative of God- or even mightier than God.

Here is why the bond between you and your mother will remain special, eternally.

1. A mother is the first best friend you make

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She’s the first person you look up to.


2. You can count on her to understand the physical changes you go through as you grow up

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Because she’s been there too.


3. She is the best company to have on your shopping trips


Because she knows everything about you- what you wear, what you don’t, what you think you like, versus what you actually like. She’ll also keep an eye on what caught your attention.


4. You know you can count on her when you’re panicking about something

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You know she’ll help you out.


5. She knows what’s going on with you, just from a look

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You can’t hide your true feelings from them.


6. And that’s why, you can share your thoughts, your views, and your opinions with her

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7. You can always count on her to make you your favourite food when you’re sad and feeling low

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Mum makes best.


8. She’s the perfect combination of strict and lenient

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It’s crazy how she can balance being both, with perfection.


9. She’ll keep the secret you don’t want your dad to know

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10. And that’s probably why it was easier for you to tell your mum about your love story than it was to your dad

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And she was more than supportive about it.


11. No matter how much you deny, their advice will always, always make sense to you in the long run

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It may not make sense now, but you know that someday you’ll look back and think about what she’d said.


12. And you know that your bond with her will never surpass anything else, ever

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A mother-daughter bond was meant to be special, and no matter what, it always will be.

“The older I grow, the more I realize that my mother is the best friend I’ve ever had.”

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