Mother’s Touching Advice To Daughter During The Pollachi Sexual Scandal Goes Viral

Indians were shocked after news of the Pollachi sex scandal went on air.

It started when a 19-year old college student from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, filed a complaint that four men had tried to disrobe her in a car and filmed the assault.

The accused Thirunavakkarasu, Sathish, Sabariraj and Vasanthkumar have been arrested.

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Further investigation revealed that the four men sexually assaulted and extorted dozens of other women – about 50 of them, though unconfirmed reports have suggested around 200.

Sources revealed that the officials described a chilling pattern. The men found their victims on Facebook, befriended them, and forced them to meet in person. They then harassed them in moving vehicles, hotels or farmhouses, all the while filming their assault.

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They used the videos as an extortion tool, threatening the women to leak them online, further exploiting them financially.

It was easy for the four accused to silence the victims who, fearing victim-blaming and social shaming, vouched to never reveal what was happening.

Most of the victims refused to make formal complaints, the police officials said. They have even retrieved videos showing the assault of the victims.

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In the wake of the scandal, a girl named Namrata Moorthy from Coimbatore has shared a very touching post on Facebook which has gone viral.

She said that she was expecting a phone call from her parents regarding the issue, asking her to not go out with her male friends and to stay safe.

But instead, her mother left a very heartwarming message bringing her to tears.

” I know you are staying away from family and I always believe that I brought up the strongest girl! No matter what dad and I are gonna be there for you! If anyone blackmails you with your picture or video just tell them to do whatever they want coz it’s just mere flesh that every other girl in the world posses and this will never bring any shame to us!”

She asked Namrata to be “strong and safe” and that they are ready to face anything which comes their way.

After this crucial incident me being brought up by the typical "Coimbatore family" I was expecting same usual phones…

Posted by Narmatha Moorthy on Monday, March 11, 2019

All children, especially girls, need is full support from her family at the time of crisis. At a time when most women refuse to speak about sexual assault and harassment fearing being shamed by their family, we wish there to be many more families like Namrata!

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