Mom Celebrates After Daughter Scores 76% In Class 10 Board Exams, Desis Share Similar Stories

It’s only natural for parents to want their kids to excel in whatever they do, especially studies. But some parents are obsessed with the idea of their kids scoring above 90% that they forget all about their child’s happiness and desires. So, when a child scores a percentage that is below their expectations, they are disappointed to the extent that they stop talking to them or even worse, punish them.

However, a girl took to Twitter to share how she saw a mother celebrating after her daughter scored 76% – a score which is otherwise considered average. She was happy to witness the kind of support the girl got from her mother.

A lot of people shared similar examples from their own lives or from people they know where the parents celebrated regardless of what their kids scored in their board exams. It is indeed heartwarming to see a pool of parents whose love for their child is not conditional and they would support them no matter what.

Life is a very long journey. In the future, the same kid will realise that marks really didn’t matter in shaping their life.

This is parenting done right! 😀

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